Sarasota Jewish Chorale
Sarasota Jewish Chorale
Sarasota Jewish Chorale

Sarasota Jewish Chorale - Singers


Sharon Greene


Sybil Broh
Susan Gordon
Toni Gortz
Adrienne Hutt
Maya Liebermann
Rebecca Miller
Terry Ross
Diane Schulman
Arlene Stolnitz
Emily Tennenbaum
Marci Vitkus
Robin Williams


Sylvia Gross
Katherine Gurvey
Sharon Howard
Judith Kazan
Brenda Lederman
Lori Liner
Phyllis Lipshutz
Debby Marshall
Kathy Rance
Ronnie Riceberg
Carol Sigal


Sandra Evans
Don Friedman
Janice Grossman
Steven Howard
Lee Vickman


Bruce Feldman
Stanley Gordon
Richard Gortz
Gary Guyon
Irwin Jacobs
Alan Rothman


Lynne Hodalski-Champagne


Would you like to engage us for a performance?

Please call our booking manager, Phyllis Lipshutz (941-924-6717) for information and dates for our upcoming season. Our rehearsals start in September and we perform from December through April.

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