Sarasota Jewish Chorale
Sarasota Jewish Chorale
Sarasota Jewish Chorale

Media Clips & Quotes

"Bravo to the Jewish Chorale for their rendering of 'Little Shoes.' It was beautiful!"

Deacon Pat McCauley, Epiphany Cathedral, Venice, FL

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your group's fabulous performance at our Holocaust Ceremony. …the Jewish Chorale's singing was absolutely the caviar on the cracker. Your group took what could have been a fairly dry event and infused it with poignant love. … the pieces were spot-on, and the renditions themselves brought me to the verge of tears.The Sarasota Jewish Chorale's passion and vocal gifts were the crowning touch for the day.Thank you so much for bringing such beauty and love to our community."

Rachel Wasserman, Chair, Social Studies Department. Sarasota Military Academy

SJC at Opening Day of Boxcar Exhibit at Sarasota Military Academy
SJC at Opening Day of Boxcar Exhibit at Sarasota Military Academy

“You are the pride of the Jewish Community……… when you first started you were small and struggling and look how you have grown! You are so big now. You have made it! Your vitality is apparent to all of us. We (the Temple Emanu-El community) wish you a Mazel Tov!”

Excerpts from Rabbi Brenner Glickman’s message to SJC at our Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Glickman and Diane Milrod at SJC Bar Mitzvah Celebration
Rabbi Glickman and Diane Milrod at SJC Bar Mitzvah Celebration

“The program was wonderful – thank you so much. All the SOS (Seniors) were so happy and vibrant. They kept on singing. Hope you can come again next year.”

Caroline Zucker, Jewish Family and Children’s Service

SJC Bar Mitzvah Celebration
Fred Erman and SJC singing for Senior Group at Jewish Family and Children’s Services

"I wish you all the best for the Jewish Chorale. It is a wonderful group with a terrific message for the next generation."

Spencer Briggs, Producer, “A Gulf Coast Journal” WEDU

SJC Bar Mitzvah Celebration
The making of a video for
WEDU’s Gulf Coast Journal.

"Through song, The Sarasota Jewish Chorale is spreading the message of tolerance, acceptance, and peace. They are a spiritual and inspirational group."

Jack Perkins, Host, "A Gulf Coast Journal" WEDU

“Thank you” doesn’t begin to cover the gratitude we feel for your willingness to hold a concert on the Wellness Community’s behalf. It was a magical afternoon and wouldn’t have been possible without you. The music that comes from within you is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. If a CD is in your future, consider me your first customer and fan.

Sherri Mills, The Wellness Community of Southwest Florida

The Sarasota Jewish Chorale at
Holley Hall

Excerpt from 2018 Concert
The Prayer

Would you like to engage us for a performance?

Please call our booking manager, Phyllis Lipshutz (941-924-6717) for information and dates for our upcoming season. Our rehearsals start in September and we perform from December through April.

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