Sarasota Jewish Chorale
Sarasota Jewish Chorale
Sarasota Jewish Chorale

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Officers, Board Members and Conductor

Ronnie Riceberg, President, Education Outreach
[email protected]

Phyllis Lipshutz, Vice President,
Booking Manager,Tributes/Historian
[email protected]

Susan Skovronek, Secretary
[email protected]

Kathy Rance, Treasurer
[email protected]


Marci Vitkus, Board Member
[email protected]

Paula Rothman, Board Member
[email protected]

Sharon Greene, Artistic Director
[email protected]

Additional operations

Membership and Retention: Janice Grossman
Music Librarian: Debby Marshall
Fundraising: Paula Rothman
Publicity: Emily Tennenbaum
Social Chair: Janice Grossman
Webmaster: Kathy Rance

Web Designer: Sandra Nino
[email protected]

Join us at rehearsals on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 PM. Contact Sharon Greene, Artistic Director, for requirements so you, too, can share the joy of singing our spirited and inspirational music. We welcome singers of all faiths and all voice parts. The ability to read music is preferred.

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